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Our Processes

Many people have discovered that eating raw honey is healthy.  The natural pollens, especially from local or regional honey, help your body fight off the allergies so many people experience during the seasons.  Processed honey, on the other hand, is heated and destroys these pollens, darkens the honey, and destroys the delicate aroma that would be found naturally in honey's raw state.  Most of the time, producers heat the honey to only increase its shelf appeal and keep the honey from crystallizing.  

We find the natural aromas of our honey to be so unique, we go to great lengths to ensure that the honey we use remains raw while we make our mead.  By taking care and using special yeasts designed to preserve aroma in wine, we present you a product that preserves all the delicate flavors and unique aromas that would be present in the honey as it is straight out of the honeycomb. 


The Art of Mead 

Our meads are made exclusively from our apiary's regional melon honey.  This special honey lends a mild citrus and floral aroma to these delicate wines.

Pair most meads with delicate flavors.  We recommend fresh fruits and soft cheeses or salads, cold pastas with herbs, or shellfish, seafood, or chicken.  Meads also tend to pair very well to spicy cuisines such as Thai or authentic Chinese dishes.

Due to the tornado that hit our business in March of 2017, we are currently unable to sell our product.  Thank you for our patience while we rebuild.